CyberNetX Enterprises has worked on many projects in collaboration with a multitude
of companies, the following is a sampling of some of our publicly-accessible projects.

ACE Western
ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship Inc.) is a national, not-for-profit organization that provides and promotes education, training and instruction to Canadian youth on entrepreneurship and the formation and operation of businesses. CyberNetX teamed up with numerous other developers to produce a robust, seemlesly integrated content management system, allowing executives to quickly and efficiently communicate with the members, and offer up to the minute news and information to the general public, via a wide assortment of custom software solutions.
BrainFuel campus
An online student community site, offering numerous proprietory technologies, CyberNetX held the IT Project manger role of steering project and consulting on all digital and technology-related decisions of this predominantly e-business based project. There were numerous custom-content channeling technologies that were conceptualized, designed, and implemented by CyberNetX, of which many are now available as out of the box content management, and mass-media channeling solutions,

or The Dental Office, as the office of Dr. Tabbara is known, was an exhaustive overhaul of exitistng technology infrastructure, to combine a wide array of digital services and custom software solutions, such as internet-based appointment scheduling, electronic insurance claims, Digital Patient Education, Computerized Joint Analysis, Intra-oral digital cameras, and on-demand entertainment in the operatories, and even Sony Playstation2 arcade style setups in the waitingroom. The individual products and services were combined on a secure intranet site, that interfaced with the new website that went public at the same time. This plethora of products that CyberNetX developed or modified from already available products, produced a state-of-the-art digitally savvy office, that is now more efficient and offers much more convenience and services that were not possible before.
FIBA Racing Crew
When FIBA approached CyberNetX, they had just merged with the USC-car club at UWO, and with their much larger membership base, were looking for an integrated content management website, and online system that would allow them to stay in touch with their members, and still portray the distrinctive identity that they have been known for since their inception. CyberNetX finished the last phase of this project in late 2003, and after which time membership had risen significantly once again, the largest such increase since the merger of the aforementioned clubs. Just another example of the power available to be harnessed via the digital medium.
FK Centres
CyberNetX was hired to create the first online prescence for this chain of karate centres, and the representatitives of Team Canada. After the initial phase, a trial phase of ecommece was implemented to showcase their wide range of instructional media, and practice equipment, a vast database of many products. The design has been redeveloped in-house, however CyberNetX has been retained as a consultant with hosting, and online brain identity management as part of the ongoing contract.

London Computer Fair
an annual event that was held starting in 1997, the fair attracted many local, regonal, national and international companies, ranging from Proxis Systems to IBM. CyberNetX was hired after the first year to develop the public Website and custom applications that would interface in realtime between the website and the booking and management of resources, and space for the shows. Through this unique collaboration CyberNetX was able to expand its services and unique custom tailored software products that are now commercially available to a wide range and types of businesses.


Mustang Computers
Mustang Computers is now a wholly-owned subsidary of CyberNetX Enterprises, recently changing its scope and business strategies, look for its new website launch this summer. Primarily an online computer hardware retailer specializing in the student market, Mustang Computers has expanded to include personal house calls services, as well as home networking in a box solutions, specially tailore for high-speed internet capable internet connections. CyberNetX's expertise in networking and internet solutions in general, has allowed Mustang Computers to capitalize on this niche market, offering turn-key solutions at wholesale pricing.

Oihje Salon & Spa
is a premiere luxurious flourishing beauty spa, based in London Ontario. When the owners approached us, they were looking for not just internet exposure but a coherent internet prescenece that allowed them to display their unique brand identity fluidly into a digital medium, where they were able to truly show all that their business had to offer. CyberNetX was hired as a consultant and developer, with an ongoing contract to develop possible virtual rreality models of the salon and spa in the future, stay tuned.


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